Thursday, November 29, 2007

Asian Pacific Islanders' Club

Wherever you go in the America or Europe, you probably either find a Chinatown or some kind of Asian clubs. Asians tend to be tightly knitted and prefer to preserve their culture even when they are in a foreign country. I live in Alamogordo, which is a small town with 30,000 people. There is not a big Asian community, but yet there is an Asian Pacific Islanders' Club on Holloman Air Force Base. It is a DOD (Department of Defense) approved club on base with the goal of promoting the Asian Pacific cultures and friendship among different nationals.

I interviewed them in October when they had a fund raiser in preparation for the International Children's Festival on 15 December. They will be organizing a food tasting together with the German on base. I will be covering the event this Saturday, and will post the video on my New Mexico blog.

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