Friday, November 2, 2007

Bedroom taboos in Feng Shui

According to Chinese feng shui, there are a few taboos you have to avoid in the bedroom. If not, you are going to have trouble with your marriage or relationship. I have always heard and read about them throughout my life. It's up to you whether you believe them or not!

  1. Mirrors - It is bad feng shui unless you cannot see it when you lie in bed. According to feng shui masters, mirrors cause friction between the couple because of the appearance of a third party.

  2. Bedroom televisions - TV screens are considered mirrors. So make sure your TV does not face the bed directly.

  3. Open bookshelves - The edges represent sharp knives cutting at you and often cause migraine and headaches. They should be covered up with doors or artificial creeper plants.

  4. Wallpaper with pointed designs - The principle is similar to the open bookshelves. It creates inauspicious chi flows inside the room.

  5. Paintings with abstract or frightening designs - These kinds of paintings cause bad vibes in the room and are said to damage the well-being of the couple.

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