Friday, January 4, 2008

Simple Asian meals / lunch boxes

I always look for ideas to make delicious yet simple meals, especially when I have to make lunch boxes for my husband from Monday to Friday. Here are some ideas for you too. I just made inari sushi (rice filled in a deep fried tofu bag), shrimp sushi and onigiri (rice formed in a triangular shape) tonight.

You can easily get the inari pockets, nori (dried seaweed wrapped around the onigiri) and butterfly shrimp from Asian grocery stores. Follow the instruction on the seasoned sushi vinegar when seasoning the rice, make the rice into the shapes you want, add a little bit of wasabi in between the shrimp and the rice (no need to add wasabi for inari sushi and onigiri), then voila, that's your sushi meal!

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