Saturday, March 8, 2008

Chinese dessert on the buffet

Many Chinese buffet restaurants in the smaller towns of United States have dishes such as General Tso chicken, egg rolls and beef with broccoli. The dessert will usually be the fortune cookies (by the way, fortune cookies are not popular in China and other Asian countries. It is more of an American Chinese thing), pudding (which is American) and ice-cream (again, American).

Some of my Chinese and Taiwanese friends and I went to Albuquerque a couple of weeks ago. We went to this Chinese buffet restaurant with not many expectations, but we were pleasantly surprised by the variety of authentic Chinese dishes they served on the buffet, including whole steamed fish and Chinese vegetables. Their dessert dishes and fruit were also refreshing and creative comparing to most Chinese restaurants I have been in the United States. The photo shown here was taken at the restaurant there.

They served "longan", a type of sweet fruit with white interior and brown skin. For dessert, they made their own Chinese peanut candy, buttefly pastry and egg pastry. They tasted as authentic as they looked!

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