Monday, April 7, 2008

Asian/Chinese Wedding Invitations

Marriage is an important milestone for many people and most couples want a perfect wedding that reflect their heritage and dreams. I have been to numerous Asian weddings so far. Most Chinese women are adamant in having different evening dresses and Chinese dresses at their wedding. It is their dream to become a princess for at least a day. On the other hand, most Chinese parents prefer to have a proper wedding banquet with good Chinese food and presentable wedding invitations.

It was a nightmare when I tried to get the wedding invitations printing done a few years ago. I had to sit at the printing shop for hours trying to find a design I liked and figure out what kinds of paper to use. I needed to travel there a few times to amend and approve the proofs. Finally, when the invitations were done, I had to travel there again to pick them up. Things are much easier now with the increased popularity of online shopping. You can customize and order the wedding invitations at the comfort of your own home or office.

If you are trying to plan an Asian wedding, try the Oriental double happiness design. The Chinese symbol means happiness and good fortune for the couple. It is a popular and auspicious symbol not only used in wedding invitations, but also for wedding banquet decorations. Red is a color that suggests good luck, so stick with the red and gold!

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