Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Low calling rates to Asia

Having traveled to and lived in different countries, I have made many friends in Asia and other parts of the world. I enjoy keeping in touch with friends and see what they are up to. The best way to communicate with my friends is e-mail so far. However, when it comes to family, especially the older family members, phone is still the only way to keep in touch with them. Phone services here are expensive in comparison to those in Asia. My parents are paying a special promotional flat rate of $6.00 a month in Hong Kong that allows them to call me as much as they want. $6.00 will only give me a few minutes if I call them using the U.S. phone service here.

There are different phone services around the world that can help you save money. One of them is Trueroots, an international calling service that is based in India. If you have friends in India, this will be a service to consider. The India call rates is less than $0.07 per minute. So don't get ripped off and research different overseas companies to save money!

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