Saturday, April 12, 2008

Police and military fans: Where to look for good gear

Since I just talked about attorneys and police officers in my recent post, I can't help but think about the craze of some Asians trying to collect military and police items. I am actually one of them. I used to love to collect bullet shell casing when I went to Vietnam and China. Some were authentic ones from the past and some were just casing after we fired them. Good souvenirs, I thought.

One of my friends used to ramble through any used military item stores when he was a sailor. He would travel to many places in the world and whenever he got a chance to get off the ship, he would be looking for used military items. Well, now of course, he does not need to travel around the world to look for what he wants. He only needs to sit at the computer and browse through the products online. He does not need to buy used items anymore either because many of the military or tactical items can be purchased new from companies that serve the police and military community. It may sound weird, but these kinds of companies come in handy during Halloween too!

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