Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sharing my Asian experiences

The advent of personal computer and Internet has been one of the greatest inventions in life. People from all over the world can share information, experiences and knowledge with one another. In the past, if anyone wants to publish their information, they will need to go through a publisher, a newspaper or any other print media. Very often, you will have to pitch your ideas to them, wait for their approval and have your article edited and reedited. It is not unusual to have your articles rejected either. Even for today’s world, the executive producers of news programs or newspapers decide what people should see and read. How wrong it is for information to be controlled by one or a couple of people.

This is why I also think that blogs is a brilliant invention. Now people from all over the world can share their thoughts and experiences with us. Without blogs, it would not have been possible for me to share my Asian experiences with you all. The only drawback about blogs is you need to know how to drive traffic so as to get a wide range of readers…basically if your blog has no traffic, then nobody will get to read your great ideas and experiences. Also, with the proliferation of information, one has to be careful about what to read and how to filter out information. As with any newspaper, magazine or TV station, each has their own agenda and perspective. You need to get a wide range of opinions and come up with your own conclusion of what an issue really is.

I started my freelance writing career by beginning writing my own blogs. My blogs have become my portfolio of the ability of my writing. I am very grateful for those who came up with this idea. You get paid for what you love to write...without being edited! You can also be assured you will get paid to blog if you sign up with reputable company such as payperpost. I love writing and I will keep doing it!

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