Friday, April 18, 2008

Support the athletes in Beijing - Don't use it as a political tool!

I have been sad to read news about different countries using the Beijing Olympic as a political tool on China. From Steven Spielberg resigning as the artistic director of the Beijing Olympics in February this year to a major Japanese Buddhist temple withdrawing from a plan to host the Beijing Olympics torch relay today are all acts that are making a genuinue sport event political and ugly. This is the same as bombing the whole country because there are a few bad guys hiding there. What about the innocent people there? What about the athletes who have been training hard for months? What about the general public who look forward to seeing a world-class sport event?

It is important to support those who many need help, but please use other diplomatic ways or regular political channels and not through the Beijing Olympics. There are many people, including myself, who just want to enjoy a good sport event and do not give a damn about politics and power struggle.

(Photo from Xinhuanet)

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Michel XU said...

Support! totally agreed!

Michel XU