Monday, June 2, 2008

Surprising expatriate practices in China - Part III

A veteran radio producer from RTHK in Hong Kong called Chan King Chong is facing fraud charges of allegedly made false claims to cover incidental costs incurred during the production of radio programmes. He claimed that RTHK staff regularly used a claim form intended to cover freelance work when submitting claims for a range of other expenses for personal gains. This scandal has involved many veteran DJs and top management staff. He also said that this has been a practice at RTHK and he was just following directions from the management and didn't think it was wrong or unethical.

The timing of this piece of news is impeccable. I was writing about the organization that wanted to hire me is involved in making false claims in "surprising expatriate practices in China - Part I" and "surprising expatriate practices in China - Part II". This is exactly what I foresee will happen and I do not want to be in the middle of this mess. I am so glad I asked the right question before I signed the employment contract. I take this piece of news as a sign to tell me that I made the right decision of not accepting employment from this hotel.

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