Monday, August 18, 2008

Cantonese restaurant in Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Dim sum is a popular Cantonese meal for Chinese. It is a meal with different small dishes of delicacies such as steamed shrimp dumplings and deep fried taro puff. Most Chinese restaurants do not serve dim sum because it requires a different set of skills and not all Chinese chefs know how to make them.

Fortunately, I found one Chinese restaurant called Sun Tung Lok in Reynoldsburg, Ohio that serves around 10 dishes of dim sum, including shrimp dumplings and steamed spareribs with black beans (as shown below). The size is much bigger than a regular dim sum size, but the taste is exactly the same as what a Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong serves.

Since not many Americans know what dim sum is, they do not make them often. I usually call to make sure they prepare them before I drive there. It is a hassle, but unless you are in big cities like Las Vegas, New York or Los Angeles, it is next to impossible to find a restaurant that can make proper dim sum.


Li Ma-Keh said...

Angie, Nin hao',...I am excited to try this restaurant in Reynoldsburg,Ohio! I teach Tai-chi, Kung-fu and Lion danceing in the Youngstown,Ohio area.
My wife and I love to go to Chinese restaurants in Cleveland for Dim-Sum, so this will be a 'new' adventure! Duo syeh Nin, Si-Fu; Li Ma-Keh

Angie Palmer said...

Hi Ma-Keh

If you come across any good dim-sum places, let me know too. I'm constantly craving for dim-sum here!