Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chinese dim sum in Columbus, OH

I have been craving for Chinese dim sum for a while. Being new in Ohio, I just never knew where I could find a decent Chinese restaurant with dim sum. Fortunately, after making some new friends, I was given some highly reliable tips about where to eat in Columbus.

For those who know what dim sum is or simply want to find out what to order next time, I am sharing some of my favorite dishes here with you:

Top left: crispy taro snack; Top right: shrimp dumplings
Bottom left: sweet bean curd; Bottom middle: sesame balls; Bottom right: egg tarts

The bottom three are all dessert. In fact, all their dishes were really good...just a bit pricey though. The dishes shown here range from $3.35 to $4.95. Some can go up to $5.95. Essentially, it is almost double the price in Hong Kong. But, this is still cheaper than buying a $1,000-air ticket and eat in Hong Kong!

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