Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ohio China Day in Columbus

I moved to Ohio a few months ago and have always been wondering if I can find a bit more Chinese heritage in this part of the U.S. With my Toastmasters network, I attended the Ohio China Day on February 8 in Columbus.

When I first stepped into the venue, I was amazed at how many Chinese there were! Having lived in a small town in New Mexico for a few years, it is almost overwhelming to see so many Chinese all at one place. I got really curious and started to look around.

At the entrance of the venue, I saw a yellow table with the names of different Chinese schools on it. Then I started to realize how established the Chinese community here is. Wow, I was really impressed.

Ohio China Day brought the Chinese communities in various parts of Ohio together. Vendors, such as Chinese restaurants and other businesses owned by Chinese, set up counters at the event. The main attraction was the different cultural performances by adults and kids to celebrate Chinese New Year. Some of the performances sounded a bit like those in the American Idol, but they certainly had high entertainment value! Overall, it was a fun-filled event and I enjoyed seeing the Chinese heritage unfolded in a foreign land.

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