Friday, March 21, 2008

Recipe: Make your own crunchy noodles

Many people in the United States like egg rolls/spring rolls or wontons. You can easily make your own at home by buying the spring roll shells or wonton skins, which are readily available in Walmart or Lowes as well as all Asian grocery stores. The package will give you instructions on what ingredients and seasonings to use. You can adapt it to your own personal liking and put in your own ingredients or omit a couple of seasonings if you like.

You can also make your own crunchy noodles with spring roll shells or wonton skins. Crunchy noodles are usually served with egg drop soup in Chinese restaurants or on the Chinese buffet. It's a common snack you eat with the Chinese soup in the States.

Save some wonton skins on the side, cut them into slices, deep fry them until slightly golden brown...voila, here's your fresh home-made crunchy noodles!

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