Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wedding DVDs as gifts

I have been talking about wedding invitations and evening dresses on my blog these two days. Another thing that came to my mind is wedding DVDs. During my wedding, I have hired photographers and videographers to capture the whole event for us. Many friends and family members requested for a copy of our wedding video. It took us quite a while to complete the DVD replication process and I wish we could have found a company to do it for us.

There are indeed companies who provide DVD graphic design, packaging and DVD replication services. Depending on the services provided by your videographer, you can also request to have the DVD menu and the front cover designed to the way you want it to be when you get your DVD replication done.

The wedding DVDs will be a great wedding thank you gifts for those who attended your wedding. Send a copy of the DVD with your thank you card. For those who can't make it to your wedding, send them a copy too and it is a great opportunity for them to share the joy with you. Marriage is an important milestone in your life. Capture the moment and share it with people whom you love.

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Jonet said...

Interesting post Angie. I too made wedding DVDs as gifts and gave them to select friends and family. We did not want to spend crazy amounts of money on a duplication service so we copied them ourselves. For the labels we used a Dymo DiscPainter disc printer. They came out in full color and they looked professionally done. Best of all, if we need another copy we have the means of making a single copy without any expense of hassle.