Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008 Opening Ceremony - Look what China can do!

The Beijing Olympics 2008 Opening Ceremony has been one of the most talked about subjects these few days. There is no doubt that this world-class performance was stunning and spectacular and the Opening Ceremony Director Zhang Yimou did an amazing job. However, the Opening Ceremony means much more to the Chinese than a mere show.

(Photo from Xinhua News Agency)

Some local Chinese were interviewed after the Opening Ceremony was over. One of them said China has always been bullied throughout history, but now nobody can look down on them anymore. This statement contains strong emotions and pride and is probably representative of what most Chinese think and feel.

Being a Chinese myself, I am proud to show the world what China is capable of doing. It is not a poor and developing country as some people think anymore, it is growing to be an extremely strong, creative, artistic, disciplined and unified country.

For those who miss the Opening Ceremony, see the highlights from this NBC link:

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