Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Finding the right dress for your wedding or party

I talked about the dream of Asians being a princess for a day during their wedding yesterday. In Hong Kong, it is very common to rent your wedding dress or evening dresses. Hong Kong is a very small city with 7 million people. Most people don't have the storage space for a dress that they will only wear once in a lifetime. They usually go to different wedding rental shops and browse through what they have. I bought my own considering that I will have a chance to wear some of the formal dresses to the military functions.

I live in a small town in New Mexico, so I do most of my shopping online, including evening dresses. It is not just about choice, but also what sizes are available. I am a size 0 and I can hardly find anything in the limited stores here that will fit me. When I shop online, my choices immediately expand and I can find size 0 easily. For example, one of my favorite black cocktail dresses has the size I want. Most Asians are much smaller than Americans and for most of us, shopping online is the only option in the United States.

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